YENDRY honors her hometown with new single “Herrera”

YENDRY honors her hometown with new single “Herrera”

The Dominican-Italian singer-songwriter, YENDRY, releases her brand new single “Herrera,” along with the official music video.

With a title that pays homage to her hometown in Dominican Republic, “Herrera” is an electronic-bachata tune from the rising star. Her recent hits “KI-KI,” “Mascarade” featuring Lous and The Yakuza and “Instinto” with J Balvin, have put her on the map as one of the most exciting new voices in Latin music. “Herrera” and the official music video are now available on all platforms.

Inspired by her cultural roots, “Herrera” is YENDRY’s latest single that combines her musical influences. Produced by Moon Willis and Manuel Lara, “Herrera” is a bachata track that fuses electronic sounds in a celebration of love in and for her hometown in the Dominican Republic. Released by RCA Records in conjunction with Sony Music, YENDRY demonstrates her sultry vocals and authenticity which have become synonymous with the rising star.

Directed by Dior Rodriguez, the official music video highlights the natural beauty of Herrera, Dominican Republic in all its splendor. The video follows YENDRY as she takes viewers through a bachata-filled tour of her hometown with views of the city, countryside dirt roads and gorgeous waterfalls. As one who has been making waves in the fashion world, YENDRY’s fashion also plays a central role in this exquisite celebration of love of family, friends and country.

Aside from creating music, YENDRY remains committed to her work as an activist advocating for female empowerment and women’s rights. She is passionate about uplifting underrepresented voices and fights for equality in her industry and beyond.

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