Behind the Scenes: Co-Executive Producer Marisa Milroy on Tribeca’s Official Selection

Behind the Scenes: Co-Executive Producer Marisa Milroy on Tribeca's Official Selection

For filmmakers and producers alike, having a film selected for the official lineup of a prestigious film festival is a remarkable achievement.

Among these renowned festivals, the Tribeca Film Festival holds a special place in the hearts of filmmakers and industry professionals. The film “The Secret Art of Human Flight,” was in the official selection this year, and we talked to the co-executive producer, Marisa Milroy, who recently came back to Los Angeles from New York.

“Participating in the Tribeca Film Festival was an incredible experience. This remarkable event, crafted with profound intention, left me feeling immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. The festival itself is truly extraordinary, and I am filled with appreciation for the chance to have premiered there.” Said Milroy.

The Tribeca Film Festival, has grown to become one of the most influential film festivals in the world. The movies there showcase to a global audience of industry professionals, media outlets, and film enthusiasts.

The festival’s reputation is notorious for, among other things, discovering and promoting emerging talent. However, «The Secret Art of Human Flight» had a well-known cast, including Oscar-nominated actor Paul Raci, who showed up at the red carpet wearing a red suit with matching red nails, leaving no one indifferent.

Milroy explains, “without the incredible cast and crew, this project would not have come to fruition. The members of our crew became like a closely-knit family, forming an extraordinary and cohesive team.”

Filmed in Massachusetts, «The Secret Art of Human Flight» was directed by Filipino filmmaker H.P. Mendoza, renowned for his emphasis on queer issues and Asian representation, as shared during the Tribeca event. Normally, Marisa Milroy also delves into LGBTQ-centric projects.

However, despite the involvement of Mendoza and Milroy, this movie didn’t address LGBTQ themes, because it was written by Jess Orenshein.

“While I was in Canada, I received an unexpected phone call offering me the role of co-executive producer for a film. I gladly accepted the opportunity and made my way to Massachusetts. The journey began on a promising note, as the project boasted an exceptional script. Surprisingly, everything fell into place rapidly, and within a year from the script’s inception, we were already in full swing, shooting the film!” Explains Marisa.

Though Milroy already boasts a prominent career, our anticipation mounts as we eagerly await the prospects that lie ahead for her following her involvement in the Tribeca Film Festival!

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