Zion & Lennox Fuse Reggaeton With Regional Mexican With Their New Collab «Nos Matamos» Featuring Adriel Favela

Zion & Lennox Fuse Reggaeton With Regional Mexican With Their New Collab "Nos Matamos" Featuring Adriel Favela

Legendary musical duo, Zion & Lennox team up with Regional Mexican star Adriel Favela to release “Nos Matamos” along with the official music video.

A fusion of Regional Mexican instrumentation with urban beats, “Nos Matamos” brings together the creative strengths of the iconic Zion & Lennox and the internationally celebrated Adriel Favela. The official music video is a high-stakes love story where Zion, Lennox and Adriel Favela fight to be the one left standing with the woman they love. Following the release of their steamy salsa track “Desnúdate” last month, Zion & Lennox continue challenging themselves to create new beats and work within various genres. “Nos Matamos” is now available on all streaming platforms.

“Nos Matamos” is a riveting track that combines classic Regional Mexican instrumentation with urban beats, creating the ultimate fusion between two distinct genres. Lennox’s emotional depth, Zion’s smooth vocals and Adriel’s charisma are fully expressed in this new collaboration. With this new track, Zion & Lennox exemplify their ability to move seamlessly across genres and create music for their most devoted fans and a new generation of music lovers.

“Nos Matamos,” is a new song with Adriel Favela that we are thrilled with because we like bands, rancheras, Mexicans and their culture. We love you very much and we hope you like this new collaboration,” said Zion.

“I feel extremely blessed to be able to collaborate with people who were a big part of my life and influence on me with their music. My heart is jumping out of my chest with excitement. They have taken such a firm and fearless step in giving me the freedom to propose something as deeply rooted in our culture as the “Mariachi,” and I think it will give those who are not so accustomed to our sound the opportunity to get to know it and experience it in a different way. I hope people like it since we poured our heart and soul into it! Puerto Rico and Mexico showing what really matters! UNITY!» said Adriel Favela.

“Latin music encompasses many musical genres and one of them is Regional Mexican and that’s where the corridos are born! With great respect to our Mexican brothers, we made this corrido together with Adriel Favela, which has a romantic and dangerous story and I know that many will identify with the story when listening to it,” stated Lennox.

The official music video feels like a telenovela with life-or-death stakes all in the name of love. Zion, Lennox and Adriel Favela each have a distinct character arc in this battle for love set in a decked-out ranch complete with shiny jewelry, high-end clothing and stacks of money. In the end, however, female power and independence prevail.

Recently, Zion & Lennox were nominated for a Premio Lo Nuestro Award for “Pop-Urban/Dance – Song Of The Year” for their song “Berlin” alongside Maria Becerra. Zion & Lennox’s music appeals to a myriad of musical tastes, and what they do so well is create exciting music with artists from different genres, forging something new and unique.

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