Santa Fe Klan Dedicates New Song To His Newborn Son «Luka»

Santa Fe Klan Dedicates New Song To His Newborn Son "Luka"


The rising star from Guanajuato, Mexico, Santa Fe Klan, releases a tender love song titled Luka dedicated to his newborn son. Santa Fe Klan’s newest single is overflowing with emotion as he declares how his perspective on life has changed because of his son. With an inspiring and moving vocal performance, Santa Fe Klan vows to take care of his son till the day he dies.

“Luka” is the last single to be released before Santa Fe Klan drops his upcoming album “Mundo.” This song also follows the release of “Quedate” in early June which has already garnered over 3.9 million views on YouTube. “Luka” is now available on all streaming platforms.

“Luka” is a strikingly composed ballad, jam packed with beautiful verses and a touching chorus about the multifaceted and deep love a father has for his children. And for the first time in his career, the music and lyrics were both composed by Santa Fe Klan. All at once, his son has become his inspiration, his motivation and his reason for living. This poignant song about new fatherhood showcases another side of Santa Fe Klan, solidifying him as a truly exceptional lyricist.

The Mexican-born superstar is celebrating his first Premios Juventud nomination for “Nuevo artista en el género Regional Mexicano.” Santa Fe Klan was also nominated earlier this year for two Premio Lo Nuestro Awards for “Male New Artist” and “Cumbia Song of the Year.”

Santa Fe Klan continues breaking barriers and shattering records, making history with his first tour across the United States set to kick off this summer. With almost 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 8.88 million YouTube subscribers and over 7.5 million Instagram followers, the Mexican urban sensation from Guanajuato continues to take the music industry by storm through his authenticity and singular sound.

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