Manuel Turizo The artist is on the list of nominees for the 2023 Latin Grammy

Manuel Turizo The artist is on the list of nominees for the 2023 Latin Grammy

Manuel Turizo: A Dream Come True!

Manuel Turizo, the magnetic force currently sweeping through the Latin music realm, has earned himself a distinguished nomination for the 2023 Latin Grammy. This accolade arrives not just on the back of his universally acclaimed track «La Bachata», but also for his collaboration with esteemed producer Marshmello on the track «El Merengue», contending in the «Best Tropical Song» category.

Positioned as a standout track from his album «2000», «El Merengue» quickly ascended to dominate tropical music charts since its debut. This nomination serves as more than a nod to Turizo’s musical prowess; it’s an affirmation of his expansive and versatile musical portfolio.

Manuel Turizo’s trajectory in the music industry is nothing short of commendable. He continues to ensnare hearts globally with each release, creating ripples in radio frequencies, nightclubs, and festivals alike. His songs, including global sensations «La Bachata» and «El Merengue», have not only topped charts but have become anthems during his European and Latin American tours, reflecting the depth of the Colombian artist’s resonance.

This year’s Latin Grammy ceremony is set against the historic backdrop of Seville, Spain’s southern gem. As Seville preps to host this monumental event in Latin music for the first time on November 16th, the evening promises an enchanting blend of tradition, culture, and the pulsating rhythms of Latin America.

The global audience, with bated breath, awaits the Grammy evening, with hopes high for Turizo’s performance. As the spotlight continues to shine brighter on him, the music fraternity and his burgeoning fan base are confident: this is just the prelude to a crescendo in Turizo’s illustrious career.

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