Manu Manzo pays tribute to Miami and the Latino community in his new video «Pegaito» with Maffio and Calacote

Manu Manzo pays tribute to Miami and the Latino community in his new video "Pegaito" with Maffio and Calacote

«Pegaito» is part of the most recent album by Manu Manzo «Luna en Géminis», which was distributed by the new TikTok music distribution platform, SoundOn

Venezuelan Urban Alternative Pop artist Manu Manzo teams up with Dominican artists Maffio and Calacote to release the video for their collaboration “Pegaito”, which is part of Manzo’s recent album, “Luna in Geminis.» The song, produced by Maffio, is one of the main themes of the album and includes reggaeton rhythms fused with electronic music, creating the perfect musical combination between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

The three artists paid tribute to the Latino community in the city of Miami by recording the music video in one of the most representative places of the Latino community, the Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts. Directed by James Scheuer, the video shows the Latinos in all their splendor with Manu Manzo accompanied by Maffio and Calacote, with a costume inspired by Miami Vice.

“We as Latinos, Venezuelans and Dominicans, wanted to honor the Latino community in Miami and that is why we chose the Cubaocho museum. It is a video in which you can feel that unique vibe of Miami with multiple cultures”, expressed Manu Manzo, who has expressed that she is living a dream by collaborating with Maffio.

About collaborating with Manu, Maffio said “Manu is an artist whom I respect a lot for her versatility and her placement as a current artist. Apart from being a great human being, she has a magnetic energy. Pegaito is the fruit of what I have just described. We are going to break up with Pegaito!”. For his part, Calacote expressed the following: “Manu is an artist that I greatly admire and respect and for me it is an honor to be able to be part of her project and collaborate with her. There is no one in Miami who does not know about her project and she has always been a highly respected figure within the scene here. Pegaito is a super fun song and I hope the public receives it with a lot of love”.

Manu Manzo is co-writer on «Pegaito,” alongside Maffio, Calacote and Maritza Maresma. In addition to being one of the first creations on her album «Luna en Géminis», «Pegaito» is characterized by its sensual rhythm and its vibrant energy that makes you truly connect with the song.

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