Letón Pé opening for Bebo Dumont & Seba Otero in Puerto Rico

“Letón Pé’s rise has felt imminent.” – Rolling Stone
«Letón Pé is a star in the making.» – Pop Sugar
“Dominican Republic’s Next Pop Diva” – Remezcla

On July 20th, Bebo Dumont and Seba Otero will unite for “Guarapo y Flor” an unprecedented show in the careers of both artists as soloists at La Repuesta in Puerto Rico. The duo are accompanied by openers Letón Pé and Enyel C and DJ sets from David B. Last week, Letón Pé had her first show in the US at SOBs NYC, where she captivated a crowd of 300 people, marking a massive success for the rising artist.

Letón Pé, is known for her unique blend of pop and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, as well as her vibrant and energetic performances. Alongside a live full band, Letón will be showcasing her popular catalog, like “KLK Tu Bebe,” “Perder el Control” and “Bailo Pa Mi.” Letón Pé has seen support from outlets such as Rolling Stone, Remezcla, NPR, Popsugar, and Univision.

Check out Letón Pé’s newly-released singles «Rojo Rubí (Rompiendo la Cadera)» and “Tengo Miedo,” a collaboration alongside an all-star crew consisting of Dominican artist Calacote, 28X Grammy and Latin Grammy winning producer Eduardo Cabra and Mexican producer Tonga Conga.

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