Kelly Centeno performs a successful Live Streaming Concert of her New Album

Singer Kelly Centeno premieres a YouTube Live Concert of her new album entitled «Favorite Flowers».

Kelly Centeno recently performed her first live concert dedicated to the release of her album “Favorite Flowers”. The same was made from her official YouTube channel.

The present crowd enjoyed and was moved by her songs and was eager during her entire presentation that lasted 28 minutes.

Kelly Centeno appreciated the demonstrations of affection that she has already received on her social networks. «I really appreciate the time everyone took to connect with my live streaming concert and I reaffirm my eternal gratitude to all of you, my audience, who have supported me since the beginning of my career.»

Kelly Centeno recently released her first album “Favorite Flowers” which included this concert via streaming and a live performance in Miami where she was very well received by the public.

The young singer-songwriter Kelly Centeno begins this new cycle of her musical career in which many musical surprises are expected. Very excited by her release, the artist revealed the meaning of this ew album for her life.

This album is born from her greatest inspiration in music and its title has to do with one of the songs dedicated to the memory of her beloved grandmother, on which a beautiful song was born that is also the title of this album, “Favorite Flowers ”.

The artist brings us 10 new songs, written by her, with luxurious musical arrangements:” when did we grow up?”, “distant butterflies”, “scattered butterflies”, “simon said”, “72”, “last forever”, “scene-shifter”, “favorite flowers”, “can you see (the silhouette)”, “the last flicker”, “my jess”.

Kelly Centeno is only 15 years old, she was born on January 4, 2007 in the city of Miami, United States. From a very young age she was inclined towards music and a little later at the age of 12 began developing the magical talent of composition, since then she has composed more than 150 songs to date.

Kelly Centeno’s «Favorite Flowers» Live Streaming Concert corresponding to her first album has already exceeded more than 41,000 views and is available on her YouTube channel for people who could not connect live on the day of its release. In this way we invite all her fans and followers on social networks to visit the concert and also all the songs on this album through their digital platforms.

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