Kelly Centeno and her band will open the traditional Little Havana Friday show this Friday, August 26

The young promise of music Kelly Centeno will offer a luxury concert at the Domino Park in Miami.

This Friday, August 26, in areas of Miami’s 8th Street, right in a location known as Domino Park, the young promise of pop music Kelly Centeno will open the popular free concert «Little Havana Friday» that takes place on the last Friday. of each month. On this occasion, Kelly Centeno will share the stage for the first time with El Chino Márquez, Alex Conill, José Luis Piloto, El Gallito del Son, Manny and Junior, Miami Girls Tumbao, Ganas con Canas, which will be hosted by Yordamis.

Kelly Centeno is only 15 years old, she was born on January 4, 2007 in the city of Miami, United States. From a very young age she was inclined towards music and a little later, at the age of 12, she began to explore her magical talent of composition where she has composed more than 150 songs to date.

Kelly tells us that she dreams of singing with her idols in the music industry like Ashe, Taylor Swift and Louis Tomlinson. She would love to sing with any of them, as well as any other member of One Direction. Since childhood, she listened to «What Makes You Beautiful» and «Our Song» which were songs that inspired her as a singer.

Kelly Centeno will take advantage of her performance to sing live several of her songs included in her new album “Favorite Flowers” that she has just released. This album is born from her greatest inspiration in music and her title has to do with one of the songs dedicated to the memory of her beloved grandmother, on which a beautiful song was born that gives its name to the album written by her.

This popular event is an initiative of Commissioner Joe Carollo organized under the direction of Miguel Ferro. It is an event of great magnitude that celebrates the Hispanic-American culture of Miami. It also presents crafts, family activities, dance, food and a live music stage with international Latin artists of different nationalities such as: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Dominican Republic, etc.

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