Neqer Releases New Single «Donde No Ve Dios» From His Upcoming Album «Nxiety»

Neqer Releases New Single "Donde No Ve Dios" From His Upcoming Album "Nxiety"

– The Mexican multidisciplinary artist Neqer is back with a single paying homage to love, addictions and everything where god does not see, (‘Donde No Ve Dios’).

This is the first single from his upcoming album titled ‘NXIETY’. ‘Donde No Ve Dios’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

While continuing to work with the Mexican anti-boyband AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Neqer continues to captivate us with his music as well as design and art projects. This song opens with upbeat bass rhythms, relaxed synthesizers and sounds within an electronic world all done hand in hand with the direction and incomparable style of producer Adrian Be.

Fast black and white shots of Neqer are maintained throughout n the music video, with an isolated street style. Filmed in the streets of Los Angeles, the music video gives us an allusive perspective to all those places where god does not see (‘Donde No Ve Dios’).

Prior to this release, Neqer had been connecting with his fans with a surprise launch and video to “Jelly” , creating a platform to stay in touch and active with them. This community was baptized between him and his fans as «La Neqta» which you can join by clicking HERE.

The launch will be accompanied by a listening party completely free for his community «La Neqta» which will take place in Monterrey, Mexico. More future projects in the works will also be announced.

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