Latin Music Icons Carlos Vives and Fito Páez Come Together on Historic Collaboration

The single will be part of “Cumbiana II”, which will include a mix of ancient sounds and modern rhythms.

Global music icon Carlos Vives continues to build excitement around his anticipated new album release, Cumbiana II, on May 13. Today, he unveils his new single and video «Babel» alongside legendary Argentine artist Fito Páez. With this song, Vives pays tribute to a genre that’s influenced his career and also delivers a message surrounding social issues today. Released under Sony Music Latin, “Babel” is now available on all digital platforms.

The song was written by Vives and Páez, who produced the track with Kogiman (Andrés Leal and Martin Velilla) and Diego Olivero. “Babel” discusses the negative effects that stubbornness and pride can have on humans. The song alludes to a train that makes different stops, with people getting off, continuing on their own individual path.

“When you create a song with this kind of theme there are hints of Argentine Rock. Whether it be from Charly García, Luis Alberto Pinetta, and even Paez, they have all allowed me to imagine that with tropical music I can make my own rock music. In ‘Babel’, I don’t want to just honor rock, it’s also an ode to all countries and cultures that make it possible to have a world full of music,” expressed Vives, who fuses cumbia and argentine rock on this iconic collaboration.

Directed by Sergio Rodriguez and Carlos Andrés Valencia from Mestiza Films and filmed between Bogotá and Santa Marta (close to ‘La Ciénaga’), the music video follows a dystopian world that is going through a war. The visuals follow a little girl as she notices what is happening around her and decides to take action to create a better future for everyone. Following the lyrics of the song, the main character inspires her parents and the public to get on a train and be a part of the change. Throughout the video, sounds from instruments used in classic Rock can be heard such as the electric guitar and the bass guitar. Other instruments such as the typical gaita from Mayte Montero, the flauta de millo, among others were used by Vives showcase the different sound that will encompass Cumbiana II. Watch the official music video on Carlos Vives’ YouTube!

Most recently, Vives conquered audiences with 4 impressive concerts held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador and Costa Rica, where more than 70K were in attendance. The global music icon was surprised on stage by Salsa legend Marc Anthony in Aguascalientes, Mexico and had a special appearance from Mau y Ricky at his concert in Costa Rica.

“Babel” was released on the heels of Vives’ track Solo,” where he projects the diversity and contradiction of the human being: the song is sad because of the story it tells but happy, at the same time, because of the rhythm and the sounds that it includes. Prior to this, Vives collaborated with fellow Colombian Camilo to release Baloncito Viejo”, which continues to hold at #1 in Colombia for the sixth consecutive week and top charts throughout Latin America. Also part of Cumbiana II, this single has over 10 million YouTube views and over 20 million cumulative streams.

Most recently, Vives made a special musical appearance on the Netflix series “The Marked Heart” (Pálpito) which is currently the platform’s No. 1 trending series globally. On the series, he performed his iconic global hit “Volví a Nacer”.

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