Jenni Rivera’s song “El Que Hoy Está en Tu Lugar” reaches the Top 10 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart

Jenni Rivera’s song “El Que Hoy Está en Tu Lugar” reaches the Top 10 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart

This song is part of Jenni Rivera’s posthumous album “Misión Cumplida”, a gift from Jenni’s children to the public and a homage to the “Eterna Diva de la Banda”.

Jenni Rivera’s legacy continues to reign in the Latin Music industry, as her song “El Que Hoy Está En Tu Lugar” stays in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart for a second consecutive week. She is also Top 20 on the General Latin List, demonstrating that the “Eterna Diva de La Banda” continues to live on in the hearts of the public.

In Celebration of “El Que Hoy Está en tu Lugar” remaining in the Top 10 for a second consecutive week, Johnny, the youngest son of Jenni Rivera comments:

“It is a true honor to see that “El Que Hoy Esta en Tu Lugar” continues to resonate in the hearts of many. We are very grateful for all the support and love that our mother’s fans have given to this song. I’m sure she would be proud of this achievement.»

For her part, Jacqie Rivera, CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, expressed:

“We are very excited about this news. This song has a special place in our hearts because it reflects the fun, empowered, and brave spark of our mother. It’s incredible to see how the fans have made this song their own and are enjoying it so much. These recognitions not only pay tribute to Jenni Rivera’s legacy but also highlight the transformative power of music,» she added.

On the other hand, the song “Pedacito de Mi” peaked at No. 1 on Mexico’s Popular Radio Chart and the music video has generated 2.5 million views on YouTube. “Pedacito de Mi” is not just a song, but a tribute to Jenni Rivera’s passion, dedication, and authenticity on behalf of her children.

In addition to launching new musical projects, Jenni Rivera Enterprises has become an institution that will continue to celebrate Jenni Rivera’s legacy through multiple spaces. Jenni’s nonprofit efforts will also continue with the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation, which supports women and children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse, in efforts to improve their quality of life.

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