Digiannia Honors Mothers Everywhere With New Single And Music Video – «Only You»

Singer/songwriter from Colombia, Digiannia, releases her latest single “Only You” along with the official music video.

Following her last release “Who Would’ve Thought” in March, “Only You” honors mothers everywhere and promotes radical self-love. This charmingly composed pop ballad holds a special place in Digiannia’s heart and showcases her radiant and tender spirit. Her newest single is now available on all streaming platforms. To watch the music video for “Only You” click here.

Digiannia wrote “Only You” as a love letter to her mother and as a reminder to herself. As an immigrant in the United States, Digiannia witnessed and experienced difficulties first-hand when acclimating to life in a new country. Her mother’s perspective and unconditional love for herself and others in the face of adversity shaped Digiannia’s understanding of what it means to love yourself. The music video flashes back between a present and past version of Digiannia, and features her mother in both to illustrate the role she has played in her life. All three female figures sport a flowy yellow dress representing motherly warmth.

“I learned to love myself by watching my mother love herself unconditionally. This is why this song and this video are dedicated to her and all the other super moms out there. The way she models independence, confidence, and most importantly, love, are the reasons why I’m able to love myself and pursue my dreams,” said Digiannia.

The artwork for “Only You” is a collage made up of hundreds of pictures of individuals and their mothers sent to Digiannia by friends, family and fans. This single is sure to uplift people everywhere by empowering them to focus on self-love. To remain up to date with Digiannia’s music, career, announcements, etc., click here.

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